How to Configure SharePoint Backups


How to configure Sharepoint Backups with Unitrends


How to safely protect a Sharepoint Server?  

Well, no matter if it is a VM or physical, or, a Single/Simple server or a Farm, per Microsoft, there's only one right answer, and Unitrends automates and implements that method for you.  



The only supported way to protect SharePoint is to use native integrated sharepoint backups.
Microsoft provides this function in their SharePoint Admin UI.  This is just a UI feature that integrates into Powershell, and leverages SharePoint Powershell backup administration (on 2007 this is done via stsadmin.exe, not pewrshell).  Unitrends SharePoint Protection via installed agent on a SharePoint Administration server integrated with that native service to perform a Microsoft supported Sharepoint Backup Operation.  

For specific instructions on how to configure SharePoint backups with Unitrends, See the Admin Guide > Application Backups > SharePoint Backup Requirements and Considderations  

Note: DO NOT run SQL backups of the SQL components of SharePoint databases.  Protection of SQL components of sharepoint is handled by the SharePoint Powershell component already.  Independent SQL backups will break SQL transaction chain ownership and cause sharepoint to require a new full backup when that occurs.  


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