Application Aware Backups and Excluding Disks


This article applies to PHD VB for Citrix XenServer


This article applies to PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer

To ensure VMs running VSS-aware applications (Microsoft Exchange, for example) are backed up in an application-consistent manner and logs are truncated successfully, when creating the backup job, do not exclude any disks on the VM.

This applies to any VMs for which you would like to enable any application aware options, with or without the PHD Guest Tools installed.

Application aware commands are part of the instructions sent by PHD Virtual Backup to create the VM snapshot when a backup begins. When individual disks are excluded, though, to save on space, the VM snapshot is not created. Instead, only the VDIs are snapped. This results in application aware commands, including quiesce and log truncation, to never be sent to the VM.

Therefore, to ensure application aware commands are sent and quiesce and log truncation can be performed successfully, make sure no disks are excluded on those VMs - allowing the entire VM to be snapped.

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