Failed to set CBT info


The VM was reverted most likely to an earlier snapshot before the backup was performed.


This error applies to PHD Virtual Backup for VMware

This error can be due to a number of reasons, most likely though, the VM was reverted to an earlier snapshot before the backup was performed.

If a VM is reverted to an earlier snapshot, the change ID will no longer match when compared to previous available information. When this situation is encountered, a regular non-CBT backup will be performed. All backups after that will be performed with CBT enabled.

The following is a sample phdvb.log message that relates to this issue:

ubuntu-desktop[scsi0:0]: Could not get changed data. Current change UUID [52 cf 24 39 ef 06 8d 6c-b1 90 39 ca ca d9 3c 5e] is not equal to previous change UUID [52 24 4c 77 87 5e 64 8c-f6 ee 03 15 27 11 46 43]; This may be due to either reverting the VM to an earlier snapshot or for another reason. Continuing with a non-CBT backup.

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