PHD VBAs: vCPUs and Memory (Citrix XenServer)


PHD VBAs: vCPUs and Memory (Citrix XenServer)


The following information is relevant to PHD VBAs running in a Citrix XenServer environment.

PHD VBA Memory

Memory can be increased for PHD Virtual Backup Appliances running on any version of XenServer, but 1-2 GB of memory has proven to be the most efficient.


XenServer 5.6 has a limitation that does not allow multiple vCPUs on Debian-based operating system virtual machines - this includes the PHD VBA. However, XenServer 6.0 does support multiple vCPUs and PHD Virtual has received feedback from users indicating XenServer 6.0 with PHDVB 5.3 and later has shown great performance improvements as a result.

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