Alert: File Level Recovery Issues


Information about resolving FLR issues


When creating a File Level Recovery:

Failed to map disk - PHDVB-554/468 - There are no more loopback devices available for the disk(s) in the backup.


When deleting a File Level Recovery:

Device or resource busy - PHDVB-1231 - One or more partitions/disks for this backup is currently being accessed.


Configuration returned failure, see logs for more info - PHDVB-559 - The configuration subsystem is currently performing another operation associated with FLR. The failed operation should be retried.


File Level Recovery object/share not created:

Failed to map disk 129 for ubuntu-12.04+lvm-disk.”

This error can occur if more file recovery sessions were created than the appliance can handle. Restarting the appliance will usually resolve this issue.


When a second iSCSI or CIFS FLR object is created for the same backup using a different user name:

Error encountered with FLR share




already exists with a different username

When trying to remove an FLR object while a partition is still is use:

User-added image

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