Backing up VMware vCenter Server (PHD/UVB)


Best practices for Backing up VMware vCenter Server


If your vCenter Server is running on a virtual Windows machine, to avoid interruptions and other issues, do not include the vCenter Server virtual machine within your main backup job. Instead, to back up this VM you can create a backup job with a PHD VBA that is connected directly to the host on which the vCenter Server virtual machine exists. vCenter Server VMs should be backed up only during periods of downtime when the risk of interruption is minimized.


Following is a list of problems that may occur when the vCenter is being backed up: 

  • A message in vSphere that it has lost connectivity
  • The post-backup process is encountering a storage error 
  • The VBA experienced a failure to communicate with the hypervisor
  • The VBA hangs
  • A locked snapshot that will pause access to the virtual machine


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