How to create an Backup Job for an Client Agent-Based Asset


I just installed the Client Agent on a computer I want to protect. I still do not see it in the Unitrends system.


There are two steps to protecting an asset using the Unitrends Client Agent.

  1. Install the most recent Unitrends Client Agent.
  2. Add the asset to the Protected Asset page.

Creating a new Job for a newly added Client Agent

  1. Select Jobs > Active Jobs > Create Job > Backup
  2. Select File Level Assets in the What do you want to backup? list.

  1. In the Inventory tree, check boxes to select the asset(s) you want to protect. Selected assets will be displayed in the Job Inventory Settings section on the right.



  • You can search for an Asset by typing the name in the Search field (see 2 above) and pressing the Enter key.
  • Check the Auto-include new assets box to automatically add newly discovered agent-based assets to the schedule (see 4 above).
  • Edit Job Inventory Settings to apply options, such as data to include or exclude and commands to run pre- and/or post-backup: locate the asset in the list and click Edit, modify settings, then click Save to retain any changes (see 5 above.
  1. Click Next (see 6 above).
  2. Select Now or Create a Schedule to specify when you want this job to run. If you choose a Schedule, enter a unique Job name.
  3. Set remaining JOB DETAILS and OPTIONS:
  1. Set remaining Job Details and Options:
  • In most cases, the standard backup modes can be used to create the schedule
  • If you need more granularity, choose the Custom mode and do these steps to create a custom backup calendar:
    • Click the calendar icon next to Click to Edit.
    • In the Calendar dialog, select a backup mode in the Backups area and drag it to a day on the calendar. (You cannot drag to a day in the past.)
    • In the Add Backup dialog, modify settings as desired, then click Save.
    • Repeat these steps to add other modes to the calendar.
    • Click Save to save the settings and close the Calendar dialog.
    • Click Save in the Create Backup Job dialog to save the calendar.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click OK to close the Success message.
    • If you created a schedule, the job runs at the date and times specified.
    • If you chose Now, the job queues immediately. Click Active Jobs to view the running job.

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