How to open a support tunnel using UVB


Creating a support tunnel in a Unitrends Virtual Backup appliance


Use this to create a support tunnel to allow backend access. 


Use this Article To Create a UVB Tunnel SSH

* Firewall access is required for TCP port 222.

1. Login to the UVB appliance using putty using the IP Address of the appliance you are needing back-end access to. 
2. The default credential are admin and password 
3. Type sudo su and then the password again 

sudo su
4. Navigate to /usr/bin by this command
cd /usr/bin
For version 6.5 you will need to be in /root instead of /usr/bin
5.  Now, download the uvbTunnel scripts and set the script as executable
chmod +x uvbTunnel
6. Next type this command to create the tunnel /usr/bin/uvbTunnel XXXXX  (Replace the X's with your tunnel number provided by Unitrends Support.)
/usr/bin/uvbTunnel 12345

For version 6.5 sudo ./uvbTunnel xxxxx (Replace the x’s with one of your tunnel numbers) 

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