Can I recover files from a spanned volume on Windows?


Can I recover files from a spanned volume on Windows?


While spanned volumes (using dynamic disks) on Windows can be backed up and recovered, recovering files from spanned volumes is not currently supported. You can recover files from individual backed up disks that were not included as part of a spanned volume group at the time of backup.

However the following has been shown to work by a customer and is similar to what works in 6.x:

I booted up my development 2008r2 box. Went into the UVB and did a restore on the vm and instead of doing a cifs share I did an iscsi target.

Went to my devel box and opened the iscsi initiator. Used the IP of the UVB machine to discover targets. Clicked on the target and logged in using the credentials that UVB created.

After that go into disk manager and I saw the C drive from the backed up machine mounted. The 10 disk spanned volume was there as well with foreign disk mentioned next to it.

Right click on one of the foreign disks and Import foreign disks

Once I did that the disk mounted correctly on my devel box and I was able to browse files.

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