Increasing Attached Disk Data Store Size in UVB 8.0


Steps to increase the size of an existing attached backup data store


If your attached disk data store begins to run low on space you can either change your retention settings to reduce the number of backups to keep, manually delete backups to make some room, or you can increase the size of the data store using the steps below.

To increase the size of an existing attached disk backup data store

  1. Use the hypervisor client to add an additional hard disk to your appliance virtual machine. These steps will vary based on the client you are using.
  2. When the new hard disk is added, open the PHDVB web interface and click Configure.
  3. In the Environments tab, select the environment to which the appliance belongs, then select the appliance in the appliance table.
  4. In the Storage tab, select the attached disk storage you want to expand, and click Edit.
  5. In the Manage Attached Disks area, select the newly added disk from the table and click Add (if the new disk is not displayed, click Refresh).
  6. Click Submit. The attached disk data store is expanded to include the newly added disk.

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