Creating an Azure Storage Account


Creating an Azure Storage Account


How do I create an Azure Storage account?


An Azure Storage Account allows access to Containers where the Boomerang snapshots will be stored and from which deployed VM instances will be created. To let Boomerang use your Storage Account, you need to already have a publish settings file for your account as described in Getting and using Azure Publish Settings

If the Storage Account or Container you want to use does not already exist, Boomerang will create it for you, and we recommend this option.


If you wish to create it yourself, you can find information [here] in the Microsoft documentation, but we can go through the basics.

  1. In your management portal, on the storage page, click New.
  2. Select Storage Account, and Quick Create.
  3. Select a name. A Storage Account name must be unique across the entirety of Azure, but when you get to creating Containers, that only needs to be unique inside your Storage Account.
  4. Select a location for your Storage Account. Placing it nearer to the Boomerang appliance that needs to access it will usually give better throughput. Note that we currently do not support affinity groups as locations.
  5. Click Create Storage Account when you are ready.

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Boomerang only supports Classic storage accounts.

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