Add and attach a virtual disk to UVB deployed Hyper-V


Add a new disk to a UVB appliance using the Hyper-V Manager Console


This article provide instructions for adding a new disk to a UVB appliance deployed in Hyper-V.

With version 8.0, you will use an attached virtual disk to store your backups. If you did not attach a disk during the appliance deployment steps, you can use the following instructions to attach a virtual disk to any Engine Appliance (Engines are the appliances you will be using to create and store your backups).




    To add an attached virtual disk to an appliance using the Hyper-V Manager Console

    1. In Hyper-V Manager, select the appliance and click Settings. The Settings dialog opens.
    2. Click SCSI Controller.
    3. Click Hard Drive, then click Add.
    4. Next, click New.
      The New Virtual Hard Disk Wizard opens.
    5. Click Next to begin the wizard.
    6. At the Choose Disk Format step, select VHDX then click Next.
    7. At the Choose Disk Type step, select Fixed then click Next.
    8. At the Specify Name and Location step, enter a name for the disk, for example UBDS.vhdx, and its location. Make sure to select a location that has enough free space for the size of the disk you will be using.
    9. At the Configure Disk step, enter the size of the new disk. This disk must be large enough to store all of your backups. If you run out of free space, you can always attach additional disks to the Engine appliance later to increase the size of your backup data store.
    10. Click Next.
    11. At the final step, click Finish to complete the wizard. The virtual disk is created and attached to your appliance VM.
      When you configure your backup storage either using the Quick Setup or later, you will choose this attached disk as your backup data store.

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