Sync: Synchronizing Backup Data Stores (8.0)


Synchronizing Backup Data Stores (8.0)


Sync lets you create an exact copy of one or more backup data stores on another Unitrends VBA's configured storage target. Any new backups created on a source data store will be copied automatically to the sync target data store. In addition, any backups removed from the source data stores will also be removed from the sync target data store.

Figure - Backup Data Store synchronized to a Sync Data Store in a separate environment

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Enabling Sync

To enable synchronized data stores, deploy a new appliance and add Sync storage. This will be your sync target.

Next, edit the source data stores you would like to sync. For example, if you would like to synchronize your primary backup data store, use the Configure page and select the VBA with the backup storage. In the Storage tab, select the backup data store and click Edit. Finally, select the Sync target.

After saving your changes, the sync process will begin.

You can view the current progress of sync processes using the Sync tab on the Protect page. To view past Sync processes, use the Sync Process Explorer. In addition, the Storage widget on the dashboard displays the current status for any sync-enabled targets, showing either N/A when sync is not enabled, Idle when sync is enabled but not currently processing any data, or In Progress when sync is currently in progress.

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