PSA integration with ConnectWise


How to integrate the Unitrends appliance with the PSA tool, ConnectWise.


The Unitrends PSA feature automates the creation of tickets in the Managed Service Providers’ (MSPs) PSA tools. Currently, ConnectWise is the only PSA tool that Unitrends supports. The following tickets are supported:

  • Service tickets – Tickets that are used to track issues in the system.
  • Billing tickets – Tickets that contain billing information for creating invoices. Please note that these show up as service tickets in the PSA tool and contain information required for billing.

Previously, when an issue was found, the information was entered manually into ConnectWise. This process was prone to errors and was time-consuming. The PSA Integration feature enables Unitrends software to automatically create a service ticket. The PSA Integration feature also automates the retrieval of billing information from the Unitrends system and creates a billing ticket. For details on integrating with ConnectWise, see the PSA Integration with ConnectWise chapter in the Recovery-Series and UEB Administrator's Guide.

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