How many Unitrends VBAs will I need in UVB 8.0?


Information about how your virtual environment impacts the # of Virtual Backup Appliances needed to protect your VMs


A single appliance configured with all three roles (Presentation, Management, and Engine) will accommodate most hypervisor environments. With each additional environment you add to your UVB installation, you will need to deploy a new appliance configured with the Management role and any additional appliances based on the guidelines below.

Note for Hyper-V users: Each host within a multi-host environment must have at least one UVB appliance configured as an Engine appliance to perform backups.

Engine Appliance Guidelines

VMware vSphere and Hyper-V: One Engine appliance for each 10 TB of source data. If using CIFS storage, one Engine appliance per 5 TB of source data is recommended

Citrix XenServer: One Engine appliance for each 1 TB of source data

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