Virtual Backup Appliance VM Console


Each virtual backup appliance's VM console can be accessed via the hypervisor client


When deployed, each virtual backup appliance's VM console can be accessed via the hypervisor client.

Figure - VM Console of the PHD Virtual Backup Appliance accessed via hypervisor client.

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To log in to the VM's console menu, hit Enter and type a user name and password. Each appliance can be accessed with default credentials admin and password.

Note: PHD recommends changing this password. Use the Command Shell option to open a command prompt and use the command passwdAdditional details on using the Linux passwd command.


Figure - Appliance console login.

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After logging in, you're presented with the console menu, as seen in the following figure.


Figure - Appliance console menu.

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Menu options include the following options management options and configuration settings for each individual appliance.

  • Network Interface Management - Manage the network settings for each network interface card attached to the appliance VM.
  • Command Shell - Root command shell access to the appliance VM.
  • Support File Upload - Upload support files to PHD support for this appliance.  Note: SCP traffic must be allowed through your firewall to allow support files to be sent.
  • System Jobs - Configure job schedules for system jobs, Orphan Hunt and Snap Hunt.
  • Tasks - Currently not implemented.
  • Status - Currently not implemented.
  • View Top - Open a Linux top session.
  • Reset Web User Credentials - Resets the credentials used to access the web interface to admin and password.
  • Reboot/Shutdown - Menu to reboot or shutdown the appliance.
  • Logout - Log out of the appliance menu.



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