What ports need to be open for the Unitrends system?


This article describes the ports need to be open for backups and replication.



What ports need to be open for Unitrends backup?


The following ports must be open for all Unitrends systems:

  • 1743 (command port)
  • 1745 (data transfer port)
When configuring a firewall, ports 1743 through 1749 should be open between the Unitrends system and its protected clients. In addition, for replicating or legacy vaulting systems, port 5432 must be open to manage the source system from the replication target.

When restricting data transfer to ports 1745 through 1749, set ports security to low. (Settings > Clients, Networking, and Notifications > Ports > Low)



Open ports and security levels in the administrator's guide.
DMZ or Firewall - "partial connection - check IP filters/firewall"

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