How to upgrade the appliance via Unitrends' media (Air Gap / Offline updates)


How to upgrade the appliance via Unitrends' media (AirGap / Offline updates)



The Unitrends system is unable to access the Unitrends software update repository, and therefore an offline update is required.  The upgrade must be applied via local media (DVD, USB, or Samba share). This process is commonly used in Airgap environments.




STEP 1: Verify that your RecoveryOS software is not on legacy processes such as DedupNT as per KB 5587. If the value is dedupNT=0 proceed to STEP2. Otherwise, contact Unitrends Technical Support.

STEP 2: Download the upgrade script and the ISO files. The Upgrade script must be located in the path of /root/. It is recommended that you use the samba option and that the ISO is located in the path of /backups/samba/. If you choose to use the USB option, it is recommended to use an older USB2 flash thumb drive between 4GB and 16GB in size and insert it into the older (black, usually near keyboard) usb port.

The upgrade script will handle all procedures necessary to upgrade the system from one software release to the next. The procedures include; mounting the upgrade media, performing the upgrade, ejecting the upgrade media if applicable (e.g DVD media), and finally rebooting the system.

  1. Download the correct disk ISO to upgrade to. 
  1. Download the script. The + sign indicates it is usable until the next script release. Right click and 'Save link as' to download the applicable script.
  1. Save this script to a USB drive or accessible share. From your appliance, copy the script to the /root directory on your appliance.  You can access your appliance through SSH using a console emulator such as PuTTY to run the commands from this KB.  Enter the IP address of your appliance and connect via port 22 for SSH, login as "root" without the quotes and use the same password you use to shutdown or restart your appliance.
  2. Enter the following command to make the 9.1 script executable, to do this for the 8.1 script simply substitute the 8.1 file name:
    chmod +x
  3. Run the update script, the example below is for running this from the samba directory, if you are running it from a different location please see below for more details.
    ./ -samba

       6. If running the ./upgradeRelease script returns an error from the /backups/samba directory, move the script to /root ( mv /root ) and run the script from within root. 

Functionality, usage, and expected behavior of the update is explained in via the media process and update script:

The script and adds a -usb option and the script no longer has a default run option. Script requires one of three options to be passed:

  1. -dvd (for older systems with internal optical reader)
  2. -samba (recommended)
  3. -usb

The option will dictate which update process the script will use. Expected behavior per media is as follows:


A DVD created from the ISO download must be used. The DVD may be created using traditional ISO-to-DVD burning methods, ensuring the ISO is extracted and the file/directory structure preserved.  Please be advised that this method is not available when updating with


The single ISO file must be placed in the root level of the samba share, if other ISO files exist on samba share delete or move older files.  To access the samba share of your appliance you can open Windows Explorer and navigate to the IP address of your Unitrends appliance, open the samba directory and copy the upgrade DVD to this location. The ISO file will then be mounted to the cdrecorder1 directory and the upgrade process will proceed.  


The ISO image must be extracted to the USB device. Third party software such as ImageUSB may be used. Once the USB has been created successfully, the -usb flag will perform the auto detection of the USB and mount the USB device appropriately. The update operations will then be performed.

Once the upgrade is complete, any mounted upgrade media will be unmounted from the system and a message regarding rebooting the system will appear. At this time the upgrade media can be removed and the system rebooted.



All Procedures must be performed from the command line.

The upgrade media cannot be used to image the Appliance.

-Summary Expectations-
-1- "" must be installed & executable from "root" or a "Permission denied"  may prevent you from updating.

-2.a- .ios is intended to be placed in following locations related the instructions you chose above.

  1. -dvd
  2. -samba
  3. -usb

-2.b- ./ - (location above) command is ran from "root" is intended to run the update and will show 

"Starting Update..." Time will very, but generally 15 min to 1 hour maybe expected to install the packages.

-3- Once completed you may be directed to reboot the appliance.
"Please reboot the system for the upgrade to take effect"


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