Encrypting Backup Data


Encrypting Backup Data


How to Encrypting Backup Data in UVB 8.0.x


Encryption is an available when adding an attached disk backup, archive, or sync data store. Many popular encryption types are available with AES 32 the recommended default. After selecting the encryption type, you will enter an encryption password to use. This password cannot be changed.

If you are archiving or synchronizing data to a second attached disk data store, you will also need to enable encryption when you create those storage targets. 

Figure - Attached disk encryption options

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Note: Encryption must be enabled when you first create the attached disk backup data store - it cannot be enabled later.


Available encryption values [cipher] [bytes]:

  • AES 16
  • AES 24
  • AES 32 (recommended)
  • CAST5 16
  • CAST6 16
  • CAST6 32
  • DES3 EDE 24

Exporting an Encrypted BDS to a NAS device

Exports to an NAS running NFS will fail. Use CIFS instead. For more details review KB 1490 Alert: Cannot export an encrypted BDS.
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