Jobs - Active Jobs tab (8.0)


Jobs - Active Jobs tab (8.0)


Active Jobs

The Active Jobs tab displays all of the jobs currently running. A number indicator after the name of the tab displays a quick view if any jobs are running.

 Figure - Active Jobs tab

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The Active jobs table consists of the following columns:

  • Name - Name of the active job.
  • Status - Current active job status.
  • Type - The type of backup job running (ex: Virtual Full or Full/Incremental).
  • Started - Date and time the job started.
  • Progress - Graphic bar representing the percentage of current job progress.
  • Current Speed - Speed of the job in MB/s.
  • Data Written - Total amount of data written in the job.


Viewing Details

When you clickUser-added image at the top of the tab, another table will appear at the bottom of the tab. The table will be sorted by object. Below is the View Details table as it appears on the Active Jobs tab:

Figure - Viewing Details for Active Jobs

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The View Details table displays:

  • Object - Name of the VM or disk.
  • Progress - Graphic bar representing progress of the object within the job.
  • Start - Date and time the process for the object started.
  • End - Date and time the process for the object completed.
  • Speed - Speed of the process for the individual object in MB/s.
  • Data Written - Data written for the object.
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