Release Notes for Boomerang v1.0.9


Release Notes for Boomerang v1.0.9


Restore From S3

I imagine a boomerang with a cape, flexing its biceps as it assures you of its newfound "Restore" superpower.

Uh, oh. Your Vmware environment has gone and wiped all your VMs! You've fixed the problem, but now you need to restore your backups with Boomerang. Boomerang of the past would say "You must first deploy your VMs so you can copyback them to your environment", but Boomerang of today says "No problem! Just restore straight from S3!"

You will find a new Restore tab in your Protection Group. Select the snapshot and VMs you want to restore; you don't have to restore your entire environment if you don't want to. Then the rest works just like Copyback. Select the data center, host, datastore, and virtual network you want, and click Start Restore. Your VMs will be back in place in no time.

CloudFormation Script Reporting

This is the sound of a high-five between Boomerang and Amazon.

Until now, when you deployed your VMs, Boomerang didn't give much feedback as to whether the newly-created CloudFormation script completed or not, nor what the results were. But now you can easily see that, and more. The details of every deployment will display the status of the CloudFormation stack and the connection information of each VM, additionally providing you a link to find it in your AWS console. It even allows you to undeploy the entire stack from within Boomerang. Some of this information was available before, but in a rather out-of-the way location where it wasn't as useful. Now it's exactly where you'd expect to find it.

CentOS 7 Support

Boomerang now has full support for CentOS 7. Now that Amazon supports importing of CentOS 7 disks, we can in turn provide the ability to deploy your swanky new up-to-date CentOS 7 VMs in EC2. What an age we live in!

Of course, that's not everything we've done. We've made various minor UI tweaks and a bunch of improvements under the hood. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it.

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