Boomerang Disk Selection


Disk selection: Include or exclude disks per VM in Unitrends Boomerang.


I need to include or exclude a disk for a virtual machine in a Protection Group.


Select/unselect the disk va the VM tree view.


  1. Click the Protection Group name from the dashboard to navigate to its page.
  2. Select the gear beside Virtual Machine Protection, then click modify.
  3. After the virtual machines are populated under "Supported Virtual Machines" you'll see three small boxes.
  4. The center box is tree view. Select tree view and then click the virtual machine name for which you wish to edit the disk list.
  5. Check/uncheck as desired.


  • Independent disks cannot be backed up.
  • Disks over 1023GB can be replicated and restored, but not deployed due to AWS/Azure restrictions. A warning will be displayed if the disk is too large.
  • Per virtual machine: New disks are automatically included and backed up until a disk is unselected, at which point new disks must be manually included.
  • As of 2.1.0 unselecting a disk will cause all disks of the pattern [VMname/diskname.vmdk] to be excluded regardless of datastore. To avoid issues ensure all disks are uniquely named.
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