Retention Policy


Define how many backups to keep for a Virtual Machine


This article applies to Unitrends Virtual Backup 8.0 (formerly PHDVirtual).  
For information on retention settings for Unitrends Enterprise backup, or Recovery Series appliances, see NOTES section below.

The retention policy lets you define how many backups to keep for a particular virtual machine. Assigning the right policy will ensure you meet your recovery objectives and also help to reduce overall storage costs.

UVB lets you select from a Typical retention policy, no retention (keep all backups), or you can create your own custom policy. Each policy is described below.

By default, retention runs after each backup job completes, and also daily at 04:42 GMT. This time can be changed by accessing the presentation VBA's virtual machine console via the hypervisor client. After logging in to the VBA's console, select System Jobs > Retention to adjust the time. You will need to adjust the retention time on each VBA connected to a backup data store.



The default Retention Policy for each VM is Typical. When creating Virtual Full backups, this ensures that the last 5 most recent backups for each VM are retained and in addition, the most recent backup from each of the last 7 days, 4 weeks, 12 months, and 5 years is also retained. The Typical setting will result in 21 unique Virtual Full backups for each virtual machine after one year.

When creating Full/Incremental backups, Typical will keep the last 3 backup chains (a backup chain consists of the initial Full backup and all subsequent Incremental backups until the next Full). Therefore, if your Full/Incremental backup job creates one full per week, the Typical Retention policy will keep 3 weeks of backups for each VM.


Keep All

The Keep All retention policy prevents all backups from being deleted. When set to Keep All, all Virtual Full Retention options are disabled.



Custom Retention is a non-policy version that allows for adjustments in the number values. This can be done through the Manage Retention Policies dialog or by using the View/Edit VM Settings dialog. Both are located on Inventory tab of the Protect page. Custom retention allows you to change the number of backups to retain per VM including, recent backups, and 1 from the last x number of days, weeks, months, and years. Custom retention can be created and managed at the VM or Archive Storage level.



Retention policies for Archive data stores are configured at the storage level (as opposed to backup retention which is configured at the VM level). Archive data store retention is per-storage target and configured in the Edit Storage dialog.


This article applies to Unitrends Virtual Backup 8.0 (formerly PHDVirtual).  

For information on retention settings for Unitrends Backup (UB or UEB), or Recovery-Series appliances, see NOTES section below.this KB instead:  

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