How do I locate my Asset Tag / Application Version / CentOS version for Unitrends Backup or a Recovery-Series appliance.


Information on how to find the asset tag in the user interface or via the command line.


The Asset Tags for a physical system (Recovery-Series) has a different pattern than that of a virtual appliance.

The Asset Tag for Unitrends Backup virtual appliance is a 32 digit hexadecimal number.

Example: e9501c8d-60d5-40c5-aebf-cc01a31f20b8

The Asset Tag for a Recovery-Series physical appliance is an 11 to 13 digit number in the format XXX-XXX-XXXXX, XXXS-XXX-XXXXX, XXXXS-XXX-XXXX

Example 1: 713-105-50026
Example 2: 936S-106-50199
Example 3: 8120S-105-76789

The Version is the listed as Appliance Version in the HTML5 /ui/ and as Release in the Legacy /recoveryconsole/.


To obtain your asset tag and application version:

From the Administrative Interface
  • From the HTML5 based Satori console: Click the question mark User-added image symbol, then click User-added image
About > About this Appliance
  • From the Flash-based Legacy console: go to About > System Info
User-added image
  • From the Command Line Interface of any Unitrends RecoveryOS based system
Log in using the username of root (note: the default password is unitrends1)
Run ‘dpu asset;dpu version’ from the command line of the system
User-added image
Please ensure a secure Support Tunnel has been opened for use by Unitrends Support.

Warning: Unitrends highly recommends against using any form of the string 'unitrend' in any password. Any password containing this phrase, in either the UI or OS, should be changed immediately. See also Password Reset: How to reset the root password of the Web Administrative Interface on your Unitrends system.
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