Configure - Licenses tab (8.0)


Configure - Licenses tab (8.0)


The Licensing tab within the Configure page allows you to manage your UVB licensing and select the hosts (per socket) you want to license. Licensing enables the backup, replication, archive, and sync features. Recovery (Restore) always works regardless of a valid product license.

Figure - Licensing tab

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The table above will be sorted by Host. To apply a license, click the check box in the Apply License column. Hosts can be selected until the total number of sockets is reached. For example, if a license includes 4 sockets, you can select 4 single-socket hosts, or 2 two-socket hosts.

The filter located below the table allows you to search by column.


Submitting a License

To submit a license, click User-added image. The Submit License dialog will open.

Figure - Submit License dialog

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Paste the license key in the field provided and click Submit.

Note: After a license expires, features that require a license will no longer work. The web user interface will allow new job creation and management, but no licensed features will function. You will only be able to restore VMs going forward.


Licensed Features

To view the Licensed Features table, click the View Licensed Features link. The Licensed Features dialog will open.

Figure - Licensed Features dialog

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Each UVB feature will be displayed along with each hypervisor that is supported. When finished viewing, click Close.

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