How do I update PHD Virtual Backup 6.5 to the latest version?


Describes how to download and apply the latest 6.5 update package


Updates to PHD Virtual are available from the Download PHD Virtual Backup Version 6.5.3 for VMWare or Citrix section of the knowledge base. After downloading the update package, apply the updates by following the directions, below.

To update the PHD Virtual Backup Appliance

  1. Open the PHD Virtual Backup Console, click Configuration, then click the Support tab.
  2. Use the menu at the top of the window to select the PHD VBA to update.


  3. In the Version Information area, click Upload Appliance Patch.


  4. Select the PHD VBA update file (for example, from the update package and click Open.
  5. After the update is applied, the PHD VBA must be restarted. Click Yes to restart the appliance.

    Caution: The update process can take an extended amount of time in some circumstances. If the operation times out, DO NOT manually restart the PHD VBA - refresh the PHD Console and select the PHD VBA again until you see the restart prompt.

    The new PHD Virtual Backup Appliance version is displayed in the Version Information area of the Support tab.

    Note: If the PHD VBA is an earlier version that is not supported by an updated PHD Console, you can update the PHD VBA from the Dashboard, as displayed in the image below.

To update the PHD Virtual Backup Console and Plug-In

  1. Double-click the installation program from the update package and follow the steps to install the new PHD Console and plug-in. The installer will detect any previous versions and prompt you to remove them before continuing.
  2. When the installation is complete, the version number is updated in the Version Information area of the Support tab.

This information is taken from the PHD Virtual Backup Update Guide, which is available as a PDF with the product update package.

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