Problems deleting Protection Groups


You are not able to delete a protection group and are presented an error.


Error: Unable to delete [ProtectionGroupName]. Protection Group [ProtectionGroupName] cannot be deleted while retention, replication, deployment or copyback is in progress.

If a replication, deployment, or copyback is in progress you must first wait for it to complete or cancel the action from the user interface before deletion can proceed.  
If you do not see a replication, deployment, or copyback in progress the deletion is prevented due to retention processing.  As of release 2.1.0 retention is run after after each replication so this error is likely to occur if the protection group is deleted immediately after a replication.   If the error persists due to a frequent replication schedule or long replication processing (generally due to slow access to cloud storage) disabling replication and waiting (or rebooting) can resolve this issue.

Error: Timeout during deletion of protection group

If a deletion takes too long (generally due to very slow cloud storage access) the user interface connection to the appliance can time out.  The deletion is still proceeding in the background and will finish on its own.  This can be prevented by using faster cloud storage or setting a shorter retention period.

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