Boomerang 2.1.0 Release Notes


Release Notes for Boomerang 2.1.0


Release Notes for features and enhancements in the Boomerang 2.1.0 release are described below.

VMWare 6.5 Support

  • Boomerang now supports VMWare vSphere/ESX/VCSA 6.5 and 6.5 update 1.

New Regions and Instance Types

  • New AWS regions: Mumbai and Seoul
  • New AWS instance types: p2, r4, x1, i3
  • New Azure regions: Iowa, California, Quebec, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, Magdeburg, Cardiff, London, Seoul, Busan.

Enhanced Network Configuration​

  • Changing IP address no longer requires a reboot.
  • We're resolved several issues with switching between DHCP and static IP addressing.
  • There's a new application to switch from DHCP to static IP addressing via the VMWare console.
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Updated OS Packages for New Image Deployments

  • Newly deployed images contain the latest CentOS 6.8 packages.  


License Caching

  • The appliance license is now cached for 24 hours to prevent replication failures which could be caused by communication problems with the license servers.



  • In addition to the regular hourly schedule, retention is now processed after each replication to ensure cloud data is updated as soon as possible.


Support Changes

  • To better integrate Boomerang Support with the Unitrends Support ecosystem, we're retiring the Zendesk support widget. The Boomerang Support menu has been updated with a new Support page which contains links for several new forms of support.  If SMTP is configured email tickets can be created directly from the Support page.
Support page
  • We've reviewed the hyperlinks throughout the product to ensure they are working and up to date.
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