Removing deployed instances from AWS manually


To remove a deployment from the Boomerang interface select the Protection Group, then Protection Group Activity, then View Details on your deployment, then click Undeploy.  You can also select the Protection Group triangle on the dashboard, then Latest Deployment, then Undeploy.  If your Boomerang appliance is not available and you need to tear down a deployment proceed as follows:

You will not need to delete your AWS resources one by one.  Boomerang creates your deployment using AWS CloudFormation.  You can shutdown your deployment by deleting the corresponding CloudFormation Stack in AWS Management Console.  

1. Login to your AWS Management Console.  Select ‘Services’ then ‘CloudFormation’. 

2. Select the stack corresponding to your deployment (it has ‘Generated by Boomerang’ written in the Description field of the stack) and click ‘Delete Stack’. 
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