How can I manage my snapshot retention policy?


How can I manage my snapshot retention policy?


By default, Boomerang does not delete your old backups.  However, you can set a Backup Retention Period (in days) in Boomerang.  Protection group snapshots older than the specified retention period will be automatically removed from the S3 storage of the nominated AWS account. The last snapshot that you have will never be automatically deleted by retention.


If you want to clear your protection group completely, you will need to delete it.

To establish a retention period, follow these steps:
1. Go to the ‘Protection Group Dashboard’ by clicking ‘Protection Groups’ at the top of the page
2. Click on the name of the protection group you want to edit.
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3. Click ‘Change Protection Group settings’.
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4. On the pop-up screen, select ‘Delete backups after x days’ and specify the retention period in days.
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5. Finally, click ‘Update Protection Group Settings’ to save your settings.

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