Archiving VM Backups (8.0)


Overview of Archiving backups in UVB 8.0


Backup archiving lets you copy individual backups or entire backup data stores to another location for long term or offsite storage. By mounting one or more existing backup data stores, a second archive Unitrends Virtual Backup Appliance can be used to automatically create backup copies.

Figure - Archive process for VMs - Multiple Environments


The Archive feature includes options to create archive jobs based on backup jobs, create individual backup archives, and reports.

Before creating archive jobs, a new VBA must be deployed and archive storage must be added from the Storage tab of the Configure - Environments page. Once the archive VBA is deployed and archive storage is added, you have two options for creating archive jobs.

By selecting backups within the Recovery - Backups tab and clicking Archive, you can create a single job that will run once and archive backups to the selected Archive storage.User-added image

The second option is to create a triggered job which runs automatically after a Backup job. From the Jobs page, select Create Job > Archive to open the Archive job dialog. From here you can select the backup job to use as the trigger, the VMs within the job to archive, and the archive storage target.

Recent Archive status for all VMs is displayed on the Protect page along with the name of the Archive job.

For more information on creating archive jobs, see Create Archive Job dialog (8.0).

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