RabbitMQ Credentials not created during Hyper-V Services Installation


How to identify and correct issues with Unitrends Hyper-V services not starting or preventing adding environments through the UVB Web interface



RabbitMQ credentials  are not created or are incorrectly created during installation of Unitrends Hyper-V Services on the Hyper-V host. You may encounter the following symptoms:

  • Error starting Unitrends Hyper-V Services
  • Cannot add an environment in the UVB web interface 


On the Hyper-V host, start a command line editor. The rabbitmqctl.bat file is in the “sbin” folder of the RabbitMQ installation, typically: 

                C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ Server\rabbitmq_server-3.1.4\sbin\rabbitmqctl.bat

Enter the following commands:

> rabbitmqctl list_users

The custom user entered in the Installer/Admin Tool should be in this list. A user called ‘phd’ should also be in this list.  If either is missing, the configuration did not save correctly.  

  • If this command returns an error that starts   Failed to create cookie file 'u:/.erlang.  Check your value for  %HOMEDRIVE%.  if it is not equal to C: you will need to reinstall with a user who's HOMEDRIVE= C: This is a known Erlang/RabbitMQ issue.
  • You may also be able to clear the error by copying the file .erlang.cookie manually from %SystemRoot% to %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%.

> rabbitmqctl list_permissions

Both the custom user and the ‘phd’ user should have permissions on vhost “/” (see screen shot below).  If either user does not have the appropriate permissions, the configuration did not save correctly.  

> rabbitmqctl add_user user user

If missing, add the custom user. 

****If the ‘phd’ user is missing,  You must use the Windows uninstaller to uninstall the Unitrends Hyper-V Services. Refer to the Installation Guide for more information about the uninstall process. Once completely removed, begin the installation process again exactly as described in the Installation Guide.***

> rabbitmqctl set_permissions .* .* .*    (note space between quotes) 

Set any permissions that are missing.  

Example dialog adding user fred

User-added image


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