Can I create local attached storage greater than 2 TB?


Yes, PHDVB uses Virtual storage pools to allow you to create backup data stores larger than 2TB regardless of your hypervisor limitations. Find out how in this article.



By taking advantage of PHD Virtual Backup's Virtual Storage Pool technology, you can add multiple attached virtual disks to a PHD Virtual Backup Appliance to surpass the individual disk limitation of 2TB, to then create the backup data store size you require.

To add multiple disks to the VBA to be used as backup storage, first deploy a new PHD VBA (version 5.4.1 or later) then follow the deployment instructions (power on the VBA virtual machine, enter hypervisor credentials, select Attached Disk as the Storage Type) then, with the VBA still powered on, add the virtual disks to use as backup storage.

When the VBA restarts, you will be presented with the total size of all attached disks as the backup data store for that VBA.

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