Deploy Boomerang without DHCP using console IP utility


Deploy Boomerang without DHCP using console IP utility


There is no DHCP server in the network and you need to configure a static IP address.


In 2.1.0 there is a new virtual machine console application for setting static IP and DNS addresses.

New console application for static addressing


Access the virtual machine console via the VMWare method of your choice.

Select 1 for Network Setup.


Select 1 for IP configuration.

Select 0 for eth0.

4. Enter and your static IP information.

Static IP info entered.

Select 2 for DNS.

Enter and commit DNS information.

DNS information entered

The Boomerang GUI should now be accessible at IP configured.  

Future IP changes can be accomplished through the Settings page in the GUI.


The console IP utility does not support switching back to DHCP.

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