How do I locate my Asset Tag and Version for Unitrends Enterprise Backup or a Recovery-Series appliance.

Information on how to find the asset tag in the user interface or via the command line.
Unitrends Backup; Recovery Series
RS/UB 10.3; RS/UB 10.2; RS/UB 10.1; RS/UB 10.0; RS/UB 9.2; RS/UB 9.1; RS/UEB 9.0; RS/UEB 8.x; RS/UEB 7.x; RS/UEB 6.x; Unitrends Free 9.1; Unitrends Free 9.0; Unitrends Free 8.1

The Asset Tags for a physical system (Recovery-Series) has a different pattern than that of a virtual appliance.

The Asset Tag for Unitrends Backup virtual appliance is a 32 digit hexadecimal number.

Example: e9501c8d-60d5-40c5-aebf-cc01a31f20b8

The Asset Tag for a Recovery-Series physical appliance is an 11 to 13 digit number in the format XXX-XXX-XXXXX, XXXS-XXX-XXXXX, XXXXS-XXX-XXXX

Example 1: 713-105-50026
Example 2: 936S-106-50199
Example 3: 8120S-105-76789

The Version is the listed as Appliance Version in the HTML5 /ui/ and as Release in the Legacy /recoveryconsole/.

To obtain your asset tag:

From the Administrative Interface
  • From the HTML5 based Satori console: Click the question mark User-added image symbol, then click User-added image
User-added image
  • From the Flash-based Legacy console: go to About > System Info
User-added image
  • From the Command Line Interface of any Unitrends RecoveryOS based system
Log in using the username of root (note: the default password is unitrends1)
Run ‘dpu asset;dpu version’ from the command line of the system
User-added image
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