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Preparing disk media in an RXDA equipped appliance may return: "Failed: 1 drive was added; prepare media manually to use this configuration"
Cold backup copies may fail with the message: "Failed: 1 drive was added; prepare media manually to use this configuration."

Managing Deduplication (LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3)
This article describes the deduplication data modes and their impacts.

Forever Cloud and DRaaS FAQ
Forever Cloud and DRaaS FAQ quick links from website

Backups failing - freeze/thaw VSS failures when Sophos/CarbonBlack/Trend Micro is utilized

How to Use a Unitrends Integrated Bare Metal Recover (iBMR)
How to use the Windows iBMR console to handle physical server recoveries as well as physical to virtual or virtual to physical server restores. Restore a server from a full (or master), differential or incremental backup taken with the Unitrends Windows agent. Now called Unified Bare Metal.

Protecting a Buffalo NAS (CIFS) failed

How Unitrends supports SMBv2
There is a security_option for SMB2 available.

How do I silent install the Unitrends agent?
Steps to install the Unitrends agent in quiet mode without user interaction using msiexec

Inventory full sync completed with 1 warning(s).

Agent push may fail in NET USE cannot identify available volume letters
In some cases where volume letters may be silently reserved by Windows, including where USB devices like card readers are attached but not mounted, Windows may be unable to itemize and return available letters for use with NETUSE for remote application deployment.

What firewall ports are necessary for management between Unitrends systems and/or for proper Backup Copy - Hot (Replication) Services?
What firewall ports are necessary for management between Unitrends systems and/or for proper Backup Copy - Hot (Replication) services?

Application consistent VMware backup does not quiesce VSS writers or perform a VSS snapshot
Successful application consistent VMware backup causes significant interruption to the VM guest during snapshot operations and/or contains inconsistent application data.

Supported Backup Copy and Seeding Modes by Unitrends Appliance Platform
This article describes supported cold, hot, and seeding backup copy methods by Unitrends appliance platform.

How to gain early access to the Release 10.3.3
Steps to enroll in the early adoption of Release 10.3.3 (update instructions)

Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup 10.3

Issue a clean shutdown from an APC UPS
Shutdown a Recovery-Series system cleanly during an unplanned power outage.

Image Agent backup fails with "DISK Failed to estimate volume"
Image backups with 10.3.0 thru 10.3.2 releases may fail in some rare cases with the message "DISK Failed to estimate volume" The message "Failed to build volume bitmaps. Error 14" may also be seen.

How to Restore a VMware Backup in Unitrends Backup in 9.x, 10.x (HTML5)
How to restore a VMware backup with Unitrends Backup 9.0

Unitrends Backup software: SharePoint Item-level Restores with Kroll

How to identify the version of the installed security patch
Confirm the version of the running security patch

Which Image Media Does My Unitrends Appliance Use?
This article covers the different generations of Unitrends Appliances and which of those can support which which specific imaging media to reinstall the currently supported factory image for that model.

Applying a custom replication schedule to a Protection Group
Applying a custom replication schedule to a Protection Group

Linux Change Journal
Linux Change Journal

Configure - Environments tab (8.0)
An environment can consist of individual hosts or multiple hosts.

Inventory Sync Alerts
How to resolve inventory sync alerts from Satori.

Move the Unitrends database off of stateless storage and onto a new partition
If there is not enough disk space for the database, or if the external storage is performing poorly, it may be necessary to move the database onto a new internal partition.

Documentation Archive
Administrator guides, release notes and customer found defects from prior releases of Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup systems

Chat Client
We are standing by to chat with you!

Hyper-V 2012 on AMD Platforms impacted by January 2019 patch KB4480963
Hyper-V VMs on certain 20102/R2 hosts may crash after entering and leaving a save state due to a Microsoft defect in their January 2019 patch.

Oracle Db backup error following restore

How to Fix a Failed iTivity Installation on an Appliance

Registering a Unitrends Backup - Activating your Product - Licensing (Internet or Air Gap)
Activation or Registration of Unitrends RecoveryOS. Enabling popup pop-up for activation

How to find the jobs associated with a protected asset
Steps to locate schedules for your protected asset so they can be changed or removed

SharePoint Backup Failure The UNC path should be of the form
SharePoint Backup Failure The UNC path should be of the form

When deploying the UB in VMware via Web Console it fails with error "Failed to deploy VM: postNFCData failed"
VMs deployed from OVF on some vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 editions may fail to deploy the VM with a VMWare error "Failed to deploy VM: postNFCData failed"

Receive the error "Change Block Tracking must be enabled" even though ctkEnabled = true
You verified that the VM has ctkEnabled = true and scsi0:0.ctkEnabled = false. Yet, you continue to get the error: Change Block Tracking must be enabled

Hyper-V VMs not showing up after adding host asset
After a Hyper-V Node or CLuster is added in the COnfugure Protected Assets tab, Hyper-V VMs managed under that asset may not appear in some cases.

How to create a backup schedule
This article will provide steps to create a backup schedule.

VMWare Backup Error: *** glibc detected *** bputil: double free or corruption
VMWare Backups may fail with "*** glibc detected *** bputil: double free or corruption"

SQL database differentials are not processing in Audit or Live Mode Windows Replicas
Windows Replicias brought into Live or Audit mode that contain SQL database chains with differential backups may fail to replay the database into production after boot.

Latest Release Notes for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup
Reference article of available release notes and customer found defects for the RS and UEB product lines.

Boomerang 2.2.2 Release Notes
Release Notes for Boomerang 2.2.2

SQL registers via agent, but fails to show up in UI
After upgrading to a recent agent release, some SQL 2008 databases will no longer display as available for backup. It may also be possible to have enabled TLS 1.0 for SQL which may cause a similar effect.

Backup Failures FAQ
A starting point for diagnosing backup failures

Shutdown or restart a Recovery Series appliance
Explains how to shutdown or restart a physical Unitrends appliance.

Processing Error: "No Master Key Set"

Can I restore my OEM system to alternate hardware or to a virtual machine with Unitrends?
Customers ask often about limitations of OEM installations and the implications on recovery.

Failed to queue: Job profile does not exist
Failed to queue: Job profile does not exist

Reimage an Unitrends appliance
Process for reimaging Unitrends Recovery-Series systems using factory imaging including instructions for burning a DVD or creating a bootable flash drive

WAN backups failing
WAN backups or backups across an ISP link through firewalls

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