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Could not connect to BP Agent on client X
How to resolve a backup failing with message "Could not connect to BP Agent on client X"

When writing the image to USB device using Rufus, if the Partition Scheme is set to GPT, the device is not read correctly on boot.

How to reimage a Unitrends appliance
Process for reimaging Unitrends Recovery-Series systems using factory imaging including instructions for burning a DVD or creating a bootable flash drive

How do I restore from an Cold Backup Copy (Archive)?
This article explains restoring an archived backup, and links to detailed procedures.

Which Firewall Ports are Used by the Unitrends Appliance?
Detail about which ports are used for Client to Appliance communications, Source to Target replication, and internal management of the Unitrends Appliance/UEB.

Replication jobs do not show in Job Manager

Administrator Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup 10.4

Documentation Archive
Administrator guides, release notes and customer found defects from prior releases of Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup systems

Latest Release Notes for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup
Reference article of available release notes and customer found defects for the RS and UEB product lines.

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Backup 10.4 on Hyper‐V
10.4 Hyper-V deployment guide

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Backup 10.4 on VMware
10.4 VMware deployment guide

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Backup 10.4 on Citrix XenServer
10.4 XenServer deployment guide

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Backup 10.4 in Amazon Web Services
10.4 AWS deployment guide

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Backup 10.4 on AHV
10.4 AHV deployment guide

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Backup 10.4 on Microsoft Azure
10.4 Azure deployment guide

Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup 10.4

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Free 10.4 on VWware

Deployment Guide for Unitrends Free 10.4 on Hyper-V

Backups are running slowly on servers using anti-virus software

Verify backups option when creating a backup job
A detailed explanation of what the verify backups option does when creating a job

UnitrendsMSP: MSP/KUB Portal Setup
Setting up your portal and integrating it in Kaseya VSA

Detailed Options for Protecting and Restoring a Domain Controller
How should I back up a Domain Controller?

Should I protect an Asset using VM, File Agent, or Image Agent backups?
With 10.3 and higher releases, customers have more choices for types of backups methods than prior. This KB will attempt to explain the supported best practices for these varying backup types

How to configure Min/Max retention settings on Unitrends Backup Appliances (Original Retention Policy)
Details on how backups are stored, managed, and deleted by available retention policies, as well as how new backups are prioritized. This is using the legacy MIN\MAX model. This has been replaced with Unitrends Long term retention feature or LTDR.

How to find skipped files in a "Yellow"(warning) backup
Describes how to determine what files were skipped and why when a backup job indicates warnings.

How do I use my Activation Code to activate my license?

Installing a Custom SSL Certificate using cmc_cert_util
How to install your own SSL certificate on a Unitrends appliance using the cmc_cert_util script, included in 9.0 and above.

[Animated Tutorial] How to License a Unitrends Backup Appliance
How to use your activation code to add a license to your appliance

When are synthetic backups created?
Describes when synthetic backups are created by the Unitrends appliance.

Installing Ontrack (formerly Kroll) PowerControls
Details on how to install Kroll for use with Unitrends backup.

Email Notifications Troubleshooting
Steps to troubleshoot Unitrends Backup System failure to send email notifications.

Troubleshooting tape changers by cmd line

How do I create a cloud storage account for Unitrends?
Before you can begin storing copies of backups in the cloud, you must have an account with one of the supported cloud storage providers. This article identifies supported cloud providers, explains how to create an account with them, and specifies requirements and considerations for using cloud storage.

SQL Differentials and Transactional Logs backup fails on SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012 or higher due to insufficient Unitrends agent service account privileges.
Resolve issues with SQL 2008, SQL 2008 R2, SQL 2012+ differential and transactional log backups.

Shutdown or restart a Recovery Series appliance
Explains how to shutdown or restart a physical Unitrends appliance.

How to Restore Items using Kroll (OnTrack Power Tools) from Your Exchange Backups

How to Fix a Failed iTivity Installation on an Appliance

What is application-aware protection?
What is application-aware protection?

Hyper-V wait for merge
After backing up a Hyper-V VM, unexpected avhd(x) files are listed as backed up files

LDAPS authentication

How Unitrends supports SMBv2
There is a security_option for SMB2 available.

What is the best way to backup our vCenter? (versions 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7)
We'll explain the best way to backup our vCenter versions 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, or 6.7.

NAS backup fails with error: "Stale file handle"
Backup fails with the error: "Stale file handle" on a CentOS 7 appliance while performing a NAS backup via CiFS share.

Appliance stuck on boot, issues creating block devices.
Issue: Appliance stuck on boot, from IPMI you can see the last few steps showing " creating block device ramx or sdx, then an output of " copying data : xx.x% , and the copy data will be stuck. This is due to the on boot task of creating a ram disk being stuck. To remedy this, reboot the appliance to start the process again. This should allow the ram disk creation to go through successfully, and the appliance will boot as normal.

Novell OES: But backups never complete or backup performance is considerably slow

Getting Started with Unitrends Free FAQ
Answers to common Unitrends Free product and setup questions.

Backups giving warnings for BCD and BCD.log
BP: Skipped because failed to read the attributes of the file. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (32)

Getting Started with a Unitrends Backup 30-day Trial
Answers to common questions about setting up your free 30-day full feature trial with Unitrends Backup.

Out of Space (Special database mode to allow deletions, and not consume space freed space)
Details on how to start troubleshooting out of space issues.

How to Send Mail Notifications to Office365

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