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VMware Backup Failing with Error UUID Not Found


To inform customers about VMware Backups failing due to UUID not found error.


A VMware Backup of a Virtual Machine (VM) fails with the error -

“VM with UUID xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxx not found”


Unitrends uses a Virtual Machine’s UUID for identification. This is as per the guidelines provided by VMware. A VM’s UUID can change if it is removed from inventory and then added back again or manual migration of a VM from one ESX Server to another.


On the Backup > 1-Time Backup or Backup > Schedule Backup page, click on the ‘Reload VMs’ button. This will get the latest information from the vCenter Inventory and will keep Unitrends’ Database in sync with that of the vCenter

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Last Updated
11th of September, 2013

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6.2, 6.3.0, 6.4.0, 6.4.1-1, 6.4.1-2, 7.0.0-1, 7.1.0

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